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What we do

Generate ideas that advance the world and develop principled, innovative solutions that improve the future.

We made it our mission to translate compelling academic research to create disruptive solutions that change the future. We provide unique, tailored solutions to meet the specific demands of each assignment. Our approaches are innovative and data-driven and we work in a distinctive collaboration with a broad network of experts and interdisciplinary academics from leading universities.

Our team, is young, divers, interdisciplinary, and has expertise in the fields of economics, finance, mathematics, computation, statistics, law, engineering, and data science.

We offer a full range of technology services covering a wide spectrum of topics around finance, ranging from improving business intelligence based on big data, statistical modeling, implementing risk models to keep up with compliance and Basel regulations, to running stress testing models to analyze sector behaviors and feedback loops in financial markets.

The mandate handed to us represents the trust of our clients and we take this responsibility seriously.

We translate compelling academic research to create disruptive, unique solutions in financial economics, that change the future.

We work in a distinctive collaboration with a broad network of experts and prominent faculty from leading universities.

Our team is diverse, interdisciplinary, and graduated from the leading universities like Oxford, Harvard, MIT, and LSE.

Data Analytics

We offer a broad range of services around data analytics. We have specialised in handling, compiling, and managing large data sets, applying analytical tools, formulating and implementing empirical analyses, and building business intelligence. We apply sophisticated statistical and econometric methods to real-world data, including advanced structural modelling and regression analysis, numerical techniques, time series analysis, forecasting, and simulations.

Experience our team members gathered during past and on-going projects:

  • Constructed a SQL database combining different kinds of financial market data.
  • Performed numerous data-driven frameworks, calibrated risk models to real data and combined state of the art modeling with big data.
  • Applied modeling to derive value of guarantees reflected in financial market data.

Risk Management

We provide services around the management of financial risk. We work with leading central banks and international organisations in Europe, Asia, and the United States to develop cutting-edge financial stress testing models used to better understand and analyse systemic risks. Further we have experience in modelling credit risk and evaluating the financial health of firms (default probabilities). We are familiar with up to date regulation (like Basel 3 and Solvency 2) and help our clients to meet compliance standards effectively.

Experience our team members gathered during past and on-going projects:

  • Developed and implemented a structural design to map how shocks transmit from the real economy to the financial system through lending channels (loans and bonds), allowing regulators to identify contagion channels and test the resilience of the financial system under different stress scenarios.
  • Developed a modelling framework that allows creating system-wide financial models. These models enable to assess the resilience of financial systems and carry out data-driven system-wide stress simulations. This project is carried out jointly with researchers at the Bank of England and the European Central Bank, amongst others.
  • Developed and implemented an agent based system wide stress testing model studying the behaviour of financial institutions under stress and identifying amplification channels and feedback loops.
  • Implemented a framework to test the resilience of financial institutions on a micro level.
  • Developed a clever structural design to identify whether government guarantees are reflected in market prices and quantified too-big-too-fail (TBTF) premiums. The model was calibrated using empirical data and implemented.
  • Examined whether bank taxation schemes introduced in Germany, the U.K., and France are well designed, more precisely whether they are able to offset the implicit subsidies that large financial institutions benefit from for contributing to systemic risk in the financial network without bearing the consequences.
  • Carried out a project in collaboration with the German Central Bank to answer the question whether the German real economy suffered from a shortage in loan funding (credit crunch) end of 2008 and early 2009.


Our compliance practice covers all legal aspects around compliance and regulation and provides clear examples and guidelines for our clients.

Experience our team members gathered during past and on-going projects:

  • Experience in conducting compliance interviews to identify relevant risks and hosting a compliance-training workshop to provide clear examples and guidelines for the clients.
  • Conducted due diligence and business partner check through databases, verdicts, and public information and corruption and bribery checks through financial statements.

Write or call us to have a free consultation with a partner!

Write or call us to have a free consultation with a partner!